Hi From Singapore 07/29

Please join me on this FB live where I am going live from Singapore! I will be talking about a new ICO I am involved with, and what is happening with the crypto market and what I think will happen.

Dateme is a brand new ICO that is in airdrop right now and they are offering 500 FREE tokens when you sign up. Right now its at .005. Every time you refer someone you also get tokens. I think I have referred around 2000 people so far. I think its a great concept. Tinder on blockchain and it uses AI and facial recognition. Anything is possible. Read the whitepaper and see if you like it.

Now lets go into crypto. I think we have seen the bottom. Alts are not looking good but when bitcoin increases, usually so does the altcoins. Tune in to hear my opinions on what is happening and will happen with crypto.